Vanilla Innovations is an IT company specializing in the development of comprehensive solutions for the business and consumer world. Our services include the development of virtual spaces and metaverses designed to promote tourism, real estate, and agri-food businesses, the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) intended as tools for loyalty, CRM, and CMS capable of interacting with Unity-based metaverses, and much more. 

We are innovators by nature, a bit crazy and idealistic, but brilliant, capable, and above all, deeply believers in the power of creativity as a tool to solve the challenges we face on a daily basis.

We love our job because it drives us every day to pursue excellence and elegance in every project we undertake and strongly believe in the concept of the metaverse, as it allows us to step into a new era of boundless digital connectivity. Moreover, the emergence of this new conglomerate of technologies is revolutionizing traditional business models and could soon become a key factor for global economic growth, fostering an environment conducive to forging relationships, partnerships, and agreements. We couldn’t help but be a part of it. 

augusto faglia

Augusto Faglia
(COO / Head of Metaverse)

“Innovations” is not just a word; it’s the pulsating rhythm of our identity. It’s not merely a fragment of our name; it’s the heartbeat that synchronizes with our daily existence. Each sunrise is a canvas upon which we paint the hues of pushing boundaries, where living on the edge of what’s possible becomes a vibrant masterpiece”.

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